Healthy & Sustainable Design

  1. Thermal Design & Energy Efficiency
  2. Green Design
  3. Healthier Design
  4. Waste Reduction

Thermal Design & Energy Efficiency

R-Hauz has focused on an enhanced building envelope using thermal designs that exceed building codes. Our factory made panels employ  enhanced insulation standards and are sealed with  an air tight vapour barrier prior to shipment. Every build uses use high efficiency windows and doors and an HRV heat recovery system to create a tight building minimizing energy use.

To minimize energy requirements all our lighting is LED. All appliances are Energy Star rated. These choices support our all electric low carbon footprint strategy.

R-Hauz builds to a standard that exceeds municipal and provincial building code standards  for energy efficiency.  

Green Design

Our decarbonization strategy is carried through in the use of wood as the principal structural element. We ensure that each build is net zero ready with the ability to add solar panels over time.  

Water conservation and water quality is a second key principal in our design approach.

  • We utilize low flow plumbing fixtures and recycle grey water where possible. 
  • A green roof is installed in every building to assist in water quality and storm water retention objectives.
  • We utilize a suite of permeable surfaces and water recharge wells to assist in groundwater recharge and storm retention objectives.

Healthier Design

Access to sunlight and natural air are significant factors in healthy design and sit at the centre of our design approach. 

Our air handling design utilizes a natural passive approach supplemented with enhanced fresh air, air makeup ventilation and exchange filtration handling systems. 

Suite designs emphasize access to natural sunlight on two sides of all units and skylights are featured in most of our models.

Ample natural air flow and sunlight creates a healthier and warmer home environment. We use non-toxic eco friendly materials and paints to ensure the healthiest possible air quality environment.

Lastly, we expose wood structural elements wherever possible. Wood is good and we believe in its positive impact on our well being. Even our stairs are beautiful and finished in wood, we encourage walking the stairs to access units in our six storey buildings, but offer an elevator with direct unit access as an alternative. 

Waste Reduction

We have two strategies that support our commitment to waste reduction.

We use low flow appliances and recycle grey water in our six storey buildings to minimize water use. 

Our factory built panels are also repeatable and consistent components that are designed to minimize waste throughout the production process. Less material is directed to waste in a factory design fabrication setting.